Everyone has that thing, you know, the one they hate? It comes up every day, week, month, or year and we can’t stand it. Have you ever asked yourself, why do you hate it so much?

It could very well be that deep down; it just doesn’t make sense. Whatever it is, it takes too long, is ambiguous, or doesn’t add value to your life or your role within your organization. Compare this task to one that you enjoy doing and reflect on why that is. …

With our emails, task lists and to-do lists building up, it can often feel like we are losing track of what we should be doing, feeling overwhelmed and in the end, not getting done what we need to get done.

Keeping organized and productive is a careful balance. Spend a lot of time organizing yourself, and you are taking away from your productive time. On the other hand, if you don’t invest in the structure of organizing yourself, your time might not be used in the best way possible.

This structure of organizing can be in an electronic format (task…

Level up your video conferencing skills to ensure you don’t become the next viral Zoom fail.

Remote work on the scale it is today has been so sudden and left many of us wondering how to navigate the new world of digital meetings. Your colleagues have become squares on a screen and crackly snippets of audio, while you try to navigate your barking dog in the background and the latest snack request from your toddler.

Sourced: https://techcrunch.com

The Basics

Get comfortable with the new technology— video calls are here to stay. Love or hate them, they will continue to be part of our work…

Email has been a tool we have all used at work, for as long as we can remember. With the increase of remote working, email has become as important as ever, to use as a means of communication and expression. Here are some easy ways to ensure your emails send the right message, literally.

Email Signature — Your email signature should be consistent with what your company has directed as the standard. It should contain your full name, and relevant contact information. …

Sarah Wilson

A Lean, Six Sigma Greenbelt with extensive project management and cross-functional process improvement experience

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